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Types of Kitchen Knives Guide – Names and Uses

Let’s face it. There are many different types of kitchen knives. Most household kitchens do not have a full set of knives. And you know what? Even if they did have a full set, most cooks only use a few choice knives on a daily basis.

True Story: When I first started in the kitchen I owned 3 steak knives, a paring knife and a cheap chef’s knife. All of them were purchased at the “Dollar Store”. Total value was $12.00.

Most Popular Types of Kitchen Knives

 Types of Kitchen Knives | Chef Knife

The Chef Knife is by far the most popular knife in the kitchen. This is the “do all” knife. The tip is designed to make smaller precision cuts. The blade near the handle is for chopping vegetables. A good Chef Knife is well balanced and feels comfortable in your hand. It also serves to fend off zombie attacks.

Types of Kitchen Knives | Santoku Knife

The Santoku Knife is very popular among cooks. It serves the same purpose as the Chef Knife but has a distinctive Japanese style. The fluted blade makes clean up easy. I prefer the Santoku style over the Chef Knife. Unless you are Jackie Chan, the Santoku Knife is less effective against zombies.

Types of Kitchen Knives | Paring Knife

The Paring Knife is designed for small cuts. Cutting fruit and soft vegetables like mushrooms & green beans are typical uses of this knife. Due to its smaller design the paring knife is safer around children and people who are “knife challenged”. (i.e. Drunk people cutting limes or lemons)

An Edge in the Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives
Veteran cook Chad Ward provides an in-depth guide to the most important tool in the kitchen, including how to choose the best kitchen knives in your price range, practical tutorials on knife skills, a step-by-step section on sharpening, and more. Available on Amazon Today!

Special Purpose Types of Kitchen Knives 

 Types of Kitchen Knives | Filet Knife

The Filet Knife is designed for meat especially fish. It is very sharp so the knife can make exact cuts. Use it for slicing the fish from the boney part or trimming fat from chicken or beef. Even though it has a long thin blade this knife causes more injuries and bloody fingers.

Types of Kitchen Knives | Bread Knife

The Bread Knife features a long serrated blade for cutting through bread products. A gentle sawing motion is used. The Bread Knife is larger than most kitchen knives but its blade is designed to be flexible. This knife is not suited for other cutting chores in the kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Knives | Tomato Knife

The Tomato Slicer is made for soft vegetables such as tomatoes and bell peppers. The blade is thin allowing you to make small petite cuts. I love putting bell peppers in many recipes. This knife makes the job easy.

Miscellaneous Types of Kitchen Knives

Types of Kitchen Knives | Meat Cleaver

The Meat Cleaver is used for large heavy duty chopping chores. Cubing steaks or chicken and cutting pineapple or eggplant are typical uses. The Meat Cleaver is a favorite with Hollywood directors also. Cue the eerie music.

 Types of Kitchen Knives | Pizza Cutter

The Pizza Cutter is a staple in any kitchen. The Pizza Cutter is not always considered part of a kitchen knife set. However, no self respecting college student, bachelor or man-caver would be caught dead without one. While it does not function well with other cutting tasks, it does slice a pizza well.

Types of Kitchen Knives | Potato Peeler

The Potato Peeler is very functional. Many recipes call for peeled carrots or cucumbers. This is another kitchen item not regularly considered a knife but do not under estimate the value of a good peeler.

Judging the Quality of Knives – Good versus Cheap

Many people do not pay attention to the quality of their knives. They focus on price. However, you can judge the quality of a knife by its blade, bolster and tang.

The Bolster is a metal band where the blade meets the handle.

How to judge a quality knife - The Bolster

The Tang is the part of the knife inserted into the handle.

How to judge a quality knife - The Tang

Knife Reviews – Our Favorites

Chicago Cutlery Reviews
Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18 piece set is a great mix of style, functionality, quality and price. The soft grip handles are great for people with smaller hands. Buyers on Amazon consistently rate this set 4 stars or better. At $4.50 per knife, the Fusion set is a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Read the Reviews on Amazon
Rada Cutlery Reviews
Rada Cutlery Ultimate 15 piece collection is made for serious cooks. The brushed aluminum handles are stylish and comfortable producing a lighter knife. The blades are high carbon forged stainless steel. The knives are made in the USA. Surprisingly, these knives only cost $6.00 per knife.

Rada Cutlery Reviews on Amazon

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Cheap Gifts for Guys in the Kitchen

Men spend most of their lives avoiding the kitchen. Not surprisingly, their kitchens tend to be poorly stocked when it comes to cooking tools and utensils. Generally, Men shop for kitchen items at the wrong places. They shop at discount stores like Walmart and Meijers. They collect the cheapest stuff they can find to stock their kitchens. If you are looking to buy cheap gifts for guys, think about kitchenware.

5 Keys to Buying Gifts for Guys

  • Men like two colors – Black and Shiny
  • Men like “tough and rugged”
  • Men like things with buttons and knobs
  • Men like fast and simple things
  • Men like gadgets

Cheap Gifts for Guys Under $15

Cheap gifts for Guys | Cool Egg Timer | $12

Cool Kitchen Timer – $12

Cool Kitchen Timer (Price: $12.00)

This kitchen timer looks like a safe dial and sticks to your refrigerator door. The brushed metallic look and unique gadgetry style have “Cool Guy” gift written all over it. Best of all, this tool will keep men from burning their meals.  
Safe Dial Kitchen Timer, Black


Cheap Gifts for Guys | Knife Sharpener | $10.00

Knife Sharpener – $10

Knife Sharpener (Price: $10.00)

Manufactured by the legendary Wusthof company, this handy tool will keep your knives sharp. It is simple to use and stores away easily. Designed to work on more expensive cutlery but will work with cheap knives. Wusthof Knife Sharpener, Red


Rabbit Cork Screw (Price: $13.00)

Cheap gifts for guys | Rabbit Cork Screw | $13

Rabbit Cork Screw – $13

Rabbit Cork Screws are popular amongst wine drinkers. Most sets go for about $30. We found this one on Amazon for a mere $13. It is black with shiny parts and very gadget looking. Buy this as a gift. Don’t worry, if it fails he can always use his All-in-one tool or cordless Makita drill to open the wine. Rabbit Style Corkscrew


Bamboo Cutting Boards (Price: $10.00)

Cheap gift for Guys | Bamboo Cutting Boards | $10

Bamboo Cutting Boards – $10

Some men consider their entire counter top as one giant cutting board. Help them out and buy a nice 2-piece set of bamboo cutting boards. Men will appreciate the natural outdoorsy look of these boards. They may even start chopping their own vegetables and garlic. One can always hope… Bamboo 2-Piece Cutting Board Set



Cheap Gifts for Guys Under $40

Guy Fieri Chef Knife (Price: $35.00)

Cheap Gifts for Guys | Guy Fieri Chef's Knife | $35

Guy Fieri Chef’s Knife – $35

Guy Fieri is legendary in the cooking world as being a “Man’s Man”. Look at his line of Knuckle Sandwich cutlery. Black and red handles with a shiny star, flames etched into blade and the brand name of Knuckle Sandwich. This knife screams Man, Man, Man. It will get your Man off his butt and into the kitchen.
Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich Chef Knife


Cheap gifts for Guys | Smooth Edge Can Opener | $30

Can Opener

Smooth Edge Can Opener (Price: $30.00)

Men live and die by their can opener. What makes this can opener so special is the smooth edge technology. No more sharp edges. Besides being black and shiny, easy to use and highly rated, this can opener is gadgetry at it’s finest. Pardon the pun but it is “cutting edge” technology. You will never stop a man from using canned goods but at least you can make it safe.
Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome


Cheap Gifts for Guys | Eat like a Man Cookbook | $25

Eat like a Man – $25

Eat Like a Man Cookbook (Price: $25.00)

Ok, so it’s a cookbook but one look at the juicy steak on the cover and men may take a peek inside. Published by Esquire, the 100 recipes are definitely “Meat on your Bones” delights. When your man opens this gift, he may act disappointed but within 1 month he will try at least one recipe.
Eat Like a Man Cookbook


Cheap Gifts for Guys | Black and Decker Mini Food Processor | $20

Mini Food Chopper – $20

Mini Food Processor (Price: $20.00)

This unit carries the Black and Decker name which scores well on the “Man Coolness” chart. The black top and ease of use may get your man to chop some food. God forbid he would actually chop fresh vegetables but one can always hope. It does a great job shredding cheese so your man will be able to use it for frozen pizza.
Black & Decker Food Chopper


Cheap Gifts for Guys | 1 Cup Coffee Maker | $20

1 Cup Coffee Maker

1 Cup Coffee Maker (Price: $20.00)

This unit is small, easy to use and has a “Man Cool” look to it. Black, shiny and looks like a gadget. While not a Keurig, it does not carry the fancy $99 price tag either. Rated highly by consumers. Perfect for the office, in the camper, the dorm room or for people with small kitchens.
1-Cup Coffee Maker, Black


Cheap gifts for Guys | T-Fal Bagel Toaster | $25

T-fal Bagel Toaster – $25

T-Fal Bagel Toaster (Price: $25.00)

This extra width toaster is great for bagels, english muffins and of course plain old toast. It is black, shiny, and has buttons, knobs, levers and dials. Everything needed for the “Man Cool” gift. Having the T-Fal label, assures this unit has some quality behind it. This unit is perfect for small kitchens.
T-fal Bagel Toaster, Black

The 10 Hottest Cooking Show Hosts

10 Hottest Cooking Show Hosts

Men love beautiful women. But beautiful women who can cook? That is in a whole other category. Ranging from humble beginnings to fashion models to even a Victoria Secret model, these women will heat up your kitchen. We have compiled our favorite 10 Hottest Cooking Show Hosts.

#10 – Rachel Ray

Rachael Ray | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of


Visit Rachael’s Home Page
Wiki Bio Page

Shows30 Minute Meals











#9 – Kelly Choi

Kelly Choi | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of


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Wiki Bio Page

ShowsTop Chef Masters











#8 – Sara Lafontain

Sara LaFontain | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of

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ShowsPerfect Day













#7 – Marcela Valladolid

Marcela Valladolid | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of

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ShowsMexican Made Easy











#6 – Ingrid Hoffmann

Ingrid Hoffmann | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of

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ShowsSimply Delicioso












#5 – Nadia G

Nadia G | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of

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ShowsBitchin Kitchen












#4 – Catherine McCord

Catherine McCord | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of

Visit Catherine’s Home Page
Wiki Bio Page










#3 – Cat Cora

Cat Cora | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of

Visit Cat’s Home Page
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ShowsIron Chef












#2 – Giada de Laurentiis

Giada de Laurentiis | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of

Visit Giada’s Home Page
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ShowsNext Food Network Star











#1 – Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi | 10 hottest cooking show hosts

Courtesy of

Visit Padma’s Home Page
Wiki Bio Page

ShowsTop Chef












Danger – Man in the Kitchen | Cooking for Guys Humor

Danger - Man in the Kitchen | Cooking for Guys Humor

Learn Where to Hide when there is a Man in the Kitchen.

You know you are a Man in the Kitchen

…when anything with an edge on it is called a knife

…when 1 frying pan and 1 pot is called a complete cooking set

Let’s face it guys, our toolbox in the garage is better stocked than your kitchen. Get the wallet out and buy some nice kitchen tools. Good knives, good pans, a few plates and maybe even a set of wooden spoons. Don’t forget a decent cutting board. If it makes you feel better, make your own cutting board.

You know you are a Man in the Kitchen

…when your stovetop has two temperatures: High and Off

…when the only time the oven is used is when the furnace goes out

Cooking is part science and part artistic. Even a can of soup or a box of macaroni & cheese can taste 10 times better if cooked correctly. Burning or boiling everything is not the answer. Try a lower temperature and for God’s sake, cook something in the oven. (Frozen Pizza doesn’t count)

You know you are a Man in the Kitchen

…when everything that is GOOD comes from a can, box or jar

…when cheese makes everything taste better and more cheese makes it taste more better

Listen up guys. I am only going to say this once. The grocery store has a fresh vegetable section, a deli, and dairy section. And you know what? All the best looking women hang out in those areas. So why are you shopping in the canned goods? I know…because all that is good come a can, box or jar. It is the way we are trained.

You know you are a Man in the Kitchen

…when your only cookbook is on the refrigerator and is titled 1-800-EAT-PIZZA

…when a can of chili, two beers and a bag of chips is a delicious feast

I need you to take a leap of faith. There is more to life than beer, football, cars and hot looking women. Don’t get me wrong. I tailgate, I am a sports nut, I drool over the ’67 Vette and I want my very own Victoria Secret model but we need to appreciate spinach, snap peas, and fresh tomatoes with an equal amount of enthusiasm.

You know you are a Man in the Kitchen

…when your only spices are garlic salt, onion salt and powdered cheese

…when the ashes from a cigarette count as a spice

The kitchen can be your path to a healthy lifestyle. Being a good cook is nothing to be ashamed of and your wife or girlfriend will appreciate the occasional “helping hand” in the kitchen. Chop a few cloves of garlic, slice a tomato, or maybe even prepare a whole meal for someone special.

Ok, I have had a little fun at your expense but I was there. I was the “Man in the Kitchen” for 40 years. I still burn the toast, I still eat canned foods, and I still make mistakes in the kitchen but I have taken control over my diet. I cook well, I eat well and most importantly I live well.

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