About Carl Dunn a.k.a. Chef ManCave

Carl Dunn – Chef, Golfer, Dog Lover and Geek

Carl Dunn | Chef ManCave

Not Really Me but I like this Picture

Carl Dunn is an eclectic soul – A unique mixture of Aspiring Chef, Weekend Golfer, Cigar Smoker and experienced Computer Geek. At any given time, you are just as likely to see Carl relaxing in the neighborhood Cigar lounge, drinking a beer at the Clubhouse, working into the late hours on a computer project, or cooking Lemon Chicken with roasted Garlic Potatoes.

Carl first started cooking healthy foods after being diagnosed with Diverticulitis a common digestive disease. He laughs as he looks back at the many years of eating poorly. He has spent the last ten years avoiding fast food restuarants, fatty meats, sugar treats and high sodium food. Is he a better man? He still drinks beer and smokes cigars but he has become a helluva cook.

Ruby – Faithful Friend & Taste Tester


I adopted Ruby in 2009. She is a mix between a Brittany Spaniel and a Dachshund. I tell people she looks like an Irish Setter with really short legs. She is a constant companion in the kitchen. She never tells me I am doing it wrong but is always willing to fix my mistakes. Some would say that I rescued her but, if the truth be told, Ruby rescued me. She especially loves bacon & eggs.

Computer Guru

About Carl Dunn - Computer Guru

I have worked in the computer industry for over 30 years. I started in the days of punch cards and acoustic modems. I grew up with the computer world. Mainly, I work in the Unix world serving customers in the Dental industry. Of course, I have learned a lot about Windows and other systems but I prefer the simplicity of Unix. There is a certain grace to “tar cvf xdata.tar /usr/samba” that gets lost on the icon-pressing, right-clicking, streaming-media generation.

Angela – My Kitchen Mentor

About Carl Dunn - Angela and Bentley

Italian women can cook! Angela saved me from a life of spaghetti-o’s and frozen pizzas. She taught me how to cook, how to shop and how to eat healthy. Their family gatherings are true Italian feasts. Food, wine, laughter and many passionate familia discussions. She is my kitchen GPS and shares my love of animals. Bentley is her pure bred Dachshund.

Golf – A Cruel Mistress


I am a recreational golfer which is a polite way of saying that “I suck at Golf”. Fortunately, I met Scott who used to say…”I don’t care if you suck. Just suck fast!”. For me, Golf is a stress reliever. Golf allows me to unwind, drink a few beers with friends and laugh about missing a 8 inch putt.

I have played on many golf leagues over the years and made a few incredible shots. I have even won a few plaques. But, in the end, I am still a lousy golfer.


Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well…