Simple dessert ideas – “Whatever is On Sale” Recipe

Simple Dessert Ideas

Simple Dessert Ideas - Apple Blueberry Pie

The “Whatever is On Sale” Pie by Chef ManCave

I love to eat desserts. I hate to make them. I am terrible with flour and I hate following directions. Sounds like the typical man cave guy. However, the other day I was out bargain hunting and ran across the ingredients for a fabulous pie. The “Whatever Is On Sale” pie was born.

The Pie Crust

As I pushed the cart around the local grocery store, I spotted premade deep dish pie crusts on sale. Only $3.00 for two deep dish pie crusts already in the pan. I knew I could make a tasty broccoli & bacon quiche in one of the crusts. But what should I do with the other crust?
Besides, how much quiche can one man eat…

Apple Filling – The Bargain Outlet Store

The slogan at our bargain store is “Good Stuff Cheap”. I find inexpensive name brand cookware, fancy oils, odd seasonings and the occasional cookbook at these stores. However, nestled behind a jar of salsa was a can of Apple pie filling for just one dollar. How could I go wrong? The can of pie filling went into the shopping basket.

Blueberries – The Dollar Store

Traditionally I stay away from the food at the so-called dollar stores. I concentrate on household goods like laundry detergent and garbage bags. But as I passed the small cooler section, I spotted a bag of frozen blueberries for … you guessed it … one dollar. I could not resist.

Putting it All Together

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I put it all together. One deep dish pie crust, one can of Apple pie filling and a bag of thawed blueberries. I sprinkled cinnamon on top for a bit of extra flavor. In the oven at 350 degrees for twenty minutes and the “Whatever is On Sale” pie was born.

Important Notes

  • I did NOT touch any flour!
  • I did NOT follow any directions!
  • I did NOT cut, mince, knead or roll anything!

Thoughts on Simple Dessert Ideas

To the good bakers out there, this recipe is a travesty. This pie is wrong on so many dimensions that I am not going to try to defend this recipe. What can I say? I am a lazy Man Cave guy. I can make Chicken Kiev, homemade spaghetti sauce and pan seared scallops. I only do simple dessert ideas.

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