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Cheap Gifts for Guys in the Kitchen

Men spend most of their lives avoiding the kitchen. Not surprisingly, their kitchens tend to be poorly stocked when it comes to cooking tools and utensils. Generally, Men shop for kitchen items at the wrong places. They shop at discount stores like Walmart and Meijers. They collect the cheapest stuff they can find to stock their kitchens. If you are looking to buy cheap gifts for guys, think about kitchenware.

5 Keys to Buying Gifts for Guys

  • Men like two colors – Black and Shiny
  • Men like “tough and rugged”
  • Men like things with buttons and knobs
  • Men like fast and simple things
  • Men like gadgets

Cheap Gifts for Guys Under $15

Cheap gifts for Guys | Cool Egg Timer | $12

Cool Kitchen Timer – $12

Cool Kitchen Timer (Price: $12.00)

This kitchen timer looks like a safe dial and sticks to your refrigerator door. The brushed metallic look and unique gadgetry style have “Cool Guy” gift written all over it. Best of all, this tool will keep men from burning their meals.  
Safe Dial Kitchen Timer, Black


Cheap Gifts for Guys | Knife Sharpener | $10.00

Knife Sharpener – $10

Knife Sharpener (Price: $10.00)

Manufactured by the legendary Wusthof company, this handy tool will keep your knives sharp. It is simple to use and stores away easily. Designed to work on more expensive cutlery but will work with cheap knives. Wusthof Knife Sharpener, Red


Rabbit Cork Screw (Price: $13.00)

Cheap gifts for guys | Rabbit Cork Screw | $13

Rabbit Cork Screw – $13

Rabbit Cork Screws are popular amongst wine drinkers. Most sets go for about $30. We found this one on Amazon for a mere $13. It is black with shiny parts and very gadget looking. Buy this as a gift. Don’t worry, if it fails he can always use his All-in-one tool or cordless Makita drill to open the wine. Rabbit Style Corkscrew


Bamboo Cutting Boards (Price: $10.00)

Cheap gift for Guys | Bamboo Cutting Boards | $10

Bamboo Cutting Boards – $10

Some men consider their entire counter top as one giant cutting board. Help them out and buy a nice 2-piece set of bamboo cutting boards. Men will appreciate the natural outdoorsy look of these boards. They may even start chopping their own vegetables and garlic. One can always hope… Bamboo 2-Piece Cutting Board Set



Cheap Gifts for Guys Under $40

Guy Fieri Chef Knife (Price: $35.00)

Cheap Gifts for Guys | Guy Fieri Chef's Knife | $35

Guy Fieri Chef’s Knife – $35

Guy Fieri is legendary in the cooking world as being a “Man’s Man”. Look at his line of Knuckle Sandwich cutlery. Black and red handles with a shiny star, flames etched into blade and the brand name of Knuckle Sandwich. This knife screams Man, Man, Man. It will get your Man off his butt and into the kitchen.
Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich Chef Knife


Cheap gifts for Guys | Smooth Edge Can Opener | $30

Can Opener

Smooth Edge Can Opener (Price: $30.00)

Men live and die by their can opener. What makes this can opener so special is the smooth edge technology. No more sharp edges. Besides being black and shiny, easy to use and highly rated, this can opener is gadgetry at it’s finest. Pardon the pun but it is “cutting edge” technology. You will never stop a man from using canned goods but at least you can make it safe.
Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome


Cheap Gifts for Guys | Eat like a Man Cookbook | $25

Eat like a Man – $25

Eat Like a Man Cookbook (Price: $25.00)

Ok, so it’s a cookbook but one look at the juicy steak on the cover and men may take a peek inside. Published by Esquire, the 100 recipes are definitely “Meat on your Bones” delights. When your man opens this gift, he may act disappointed but within 1 month he will try at least one recipe.
Eat Like a Man Cookbook


Cheap Gifts for Guys | Black and Decker Mini Food Processor | $20

Mini Food Chopper – $20

Mini Food Processor (Price: $20.00)

This unit carries the Black and Decker name which scores well on the “Man Coolness” chart. The black top and ease of use may get your man to chop some food. God forbid he would actually chop fresh vegetables but one can always hope. It does a great job shredding cheese so your man will be able to use it for frozen pizza.
Black & Decker Food Chopper


Cheap Gifts for Guys | 1 Cup Coffee Maker | $20

1 Cup Coffee Maker

1 Cup Coffee Maker (Price: $20.00)

This unit is small, easy to use and has a “Man Cool” look to it. Black, shiny and looks like a gadget. While not a Keurig, it does not carry the fancy $99 price tag either. Rated highly by consumers. Perfect for the office, in the camper, the dorm room or for people with small kitchens.
1-Cup Coffee Maker, Black


Cheap gifts for Guys | T-Fal Bagel Toaster | $25

T-fal Bagel Toaster – $25

T-Fal Bagel Toaster (Price: $25.00)

This extra width toaster is great for bagels, english muffins and of course plain old toast. It is black, shiny, and has buttons, knobs, levers and dials. Everything needed for the “Man Cool” gift. Having the T-Fal label, assures this unit has some quality behind it. This unit is perfect for small kitchens.
T-fal Bagel Toaster, Black