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For most Men cooking is a foreign subject. The kitchen is the domain of women. This is how we are raised. Men like sports, boats and cars. Women like shopping, flowers and cooking. No one likes doing the dishes! For a variety of reasons, more and more men are being forced into the kitchen. And let’s face it…we are woefully unprepared.

The Digital Age

With the rise of the Internet and so-called “Digital Age”, people (men and women alike) are becoming more isolated. Our knowledge is based on Google and Wikipedia not on actual experience. This is painfully obvious in the kitchen. Cooking for guys is “Stop at McDonalds”, “Throw it in the Microwave” or “Call the Pizza Shop”. Most men (and a surprising growing
number of women) do not know how to prepare a simple healthy meal.

Learning to Cook

Learning to cook is not as difficult as it may appear. All it requires is time, a few simple tools, and some positive encouragement. We have instant access to a wealth of information through Google and the Internet. Cable TV is flooded with “How-to” cooking shows.
Thousands of cookbooks are available for free on the Kindle. The best part of learning to cook is developing a passion for healthy delicious meals. Our motto is:

Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well

10 Reasons Why Men Should Learn to Cook

  1. Women Love Men Who Can Cook
    Women see men who can cook as being confident – Confident in the kitchen and other rooms.  :-)
    Kitchen skills are important even to women who are excellent cooks.
  2. Men Suffer More Heart Attacks
    – Heart attacks are the number one cause of death in the United States.
    – Two thirds of all heart attacks are suffered by men.
    – Poor diet and obesity are major contributing factors to heart attacks.
  3. Men are Less Aware of their Dietary Habits
    Most men pay little or no attention to their dietary habits. As they get older, men begin to suffer from dietary issues. Often it is too late to correct the years of a poor diet. Women are obsessed with their diets from a much earlier age.
  4. Hot Women Love Men Who Can Cook
    See Above
  5. Kitchen Skills Include Using “Big Sharp Knives”
    The first tool you need to master in the kitchen is a sharp knife. Men love the feeling of a good knife in their hand. Hell…Get yourself a Rambo knife! Go ahead and KILL that eggplant.
  6. Fresh Food Tastes Better
    You will have to trust us on this one but fresh food tastes better. Garlic salt or garlic from a jar just cannot compare to the taste of a meal prepared with freshly chopped garlic.
  7. Sexy Women Love Men Who Can Cook
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  8. Fast Food is Inherently Unhealthy
    Eating outside of your own kitchen is less healthy. Too many people eat at fast food joints, airports, or from a vending machine. All we can say is…Stop the Madness!
  9. Learning to Cook is Rewarding
    Not only is learning to cook a healthier choice, but it is fun. Becoming a good cook is a rewarding experience. You will feel better about yourself knowing that you can fix a 1967 corvette, hit a 300 yard drive and cook Greek Lemon Chicken with roasted garlic potatoes.
  10. Super Hot Sexy Single Women Love Men Who Can Cook
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